The shallow end

“The drawback to the internet is that it breeds trolldom!”                                ~Dr. Jeffrey W. McClurken

Do you want to know one of the reasons why I avoid social media?  Because just as it has the potential to reach a mass audience and help inform the public in an intelligent way, it also has the ability to spread ignorance just as fast.  When television was first invented they thought about the potential it had for being used as an educational instrument.  But regrettably what it primarily became used for was as a repository for industrious, commercially driven, cesspools of trivial garbage.

It is now so convenient for any idiot with an internet router to spew hate filled, ignorant, superficial tirades against any little thing that upsets them.  It reminds me of how a small spoiled child acts.  That’s why kiddies swim in the shallow end.  Because they lack the maturity and skills to navigate the currents of something with depth!  That requires actual intelligent thought and strength of character!

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