Cyberspace: The Next Frontier!

For The James Monroe 3-D Project

The experience of this course has raised many questions and concerns for many of us.  Specifically, questions relating to its potential possibilities, but also about its limitations.  While it is wonderful that we live in an age that offers so many options, it is necessary to remember that everything has its limits.

While these tools that we have access to make it possible for us to do things that, as recent as fifteen years ago, were once not even an option, it cannot replace the human factor.  The creativity, the faith, the intuition, and the spirit necessary to feed our vitality are all human dimensions.

This reminds me of an episode of the original Star Trek series from 1968, the year before Neil Armstrong’s One Giant Leap.  It was titled, “The Ultimate Computer.”  Basically, the premise of the episode was that the U.S.S. Enterprise is equipped with a new computer robot that can perform all of the functions that a crew can.  Only to discover that even technology has its limits.  Below I have posted the following YouTube link which offers some insight into what I mean.  Enjoy!

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